aurora is a usb powered multichannel mixer in a typical dj form factor.the device features two linear channel faders, a single a/b crossfader and eight backlit buttons.twenty four backlit knobs allow you to control effects.aurora, unlike most midi controllers, enhances performances with controllable ambient lighting.†† aurora easily integrates with your favorite midi compatible software.

matt aldrich designed the electronics for aurora.fed up with existing midi controllers, he convinced maro and mike this was a good idea.matt is a ra in the responsive environments group at mitís media lab.the kerning on the logo is so strict.

mike garbus designed the firmware for aurora.he is credited as being the first person to realize that in the future, dj mixers will design themselves in one instruction cycle or less.mike holds a bsee from virginia tech.

maro sciacchitano designed the form factor and is responsible for the look of aurora.he currently works in solid state lighting and control systems.his past work includes marine equipment, instrumentation, vacuum systems and solar powered vehicles.mike and matt really owe him one.maro went to yale.